TTracky is the best app for you to manage your busy University Life. All you need is your Netlink ID!

Wanna know more about TTracky?

TTracky is a fancy name for Time Tracker, currently under development. It is a complete solution to your time management. It is mainly targeted towards the UVic students and faculty. Above you may have been asked to enter your Netlink ID, we ask for it so we can link TTracky to your Student/Faculty account.

Once linked, TTracky will access your weekly schedule and arrange it in an interactive and beautifully designed interface with time slots available for you to enter tasks other than your weekly schedule such as sleeping, eating, exercising etc. (adding these is optional). After adding these information, you can set the priority to your tasks. Once this is done, you’re all set! TTracky will analyze your input and arrange the tasks as per their priority that you provided. This will help you become more time efficient.

It also has a unique feature to notify you about the events happening around campus so you don’t miss important events. All you have to do is add the event you wish to go to your schedule by clicking the “add to schedule” button. If that time slot is free, then the event will either be added to your schedule or it will inform you about the task you are doing during that time. Events can also be shared by students/faculty to their friends/students.

After certain periods (usually a month), users will receive their data (as charts) on time spent on different tasks. It will tell you how you performed and provide suggestions to improve your time management if needed. The only thing you need to do is set your schedule properly once and let TTracky do the rest!


Potential Users: University students, in particular UVic Students, and University Faculty. The schedules of each of the users could vary drastically in the total amount of obligations. In order to use the App, users must have a valid Netlink id which ensures that the material that UVic posts on upcoming events and dates would be considered by App users.
Main goal for users is to have a flexible, reliable app that properly integrates school life, work life, and social life. The app is easy to learn and depending on the user’s needs and curiosity schedules can be customized to accommodate for the individual’s needs. Regardless of technical experience and personal schedules everyone should be able to find some value in using the app.

Designers: UVic CSC and SENG students as advised by technical staff, most likely the students would be on co-op with experience developing mobile apps for either IOS or Android. In cooperation with University Systems, part of the task is to incorporate some of the functionality that already exists in the UVic App including added functionality such as: a centralized place for UVic Events, rather than learninginmotion or a board in ELW, student timetables, and important dates as outlined by the university.
Main goal for the designers is to provide an effective Time Tracker app specific to UVic that would be used by students and faculty instead of the calendar/time tracker app that comes from the app store or pre-installed on their devices. Additionally, to make an app that is compatible with some of the services that UVic already provides such as course scheduling, but also some of the functionality that is already provided in the UVic app.

Funding: funded by UVic to create a time tracking app that allows students and faculty to efficiently manage their schedules as related to university courses, events and personal obligations.
Main goal for the funders is to produce a UVic App that students and faculty will actually use as opposed to the current UVic App. Additionally the App would be used to advertise UVic approved events which includes sporting events, theatrical events and guest speakers/presenters. Currently different UVic departments, groups and clubs use different services to promote events, the app would provide a centralized place so that students do not need to be using multiple services to receive notifications of UVic events.


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