Scenario 7

Linked to: Requirement 7

Title: Notifications informing of Campus Events

Description: Having a significant amount of free time available in his schedule, Michael wishes to become more involved in events taking place at his university. After finishing classes for the day, Michael receives a notification from Time Tracker informing him of a school sporting event occurring that afternoon. He confirms that he will attend the event and it is automatically entered into his schedule. Michael quickly coordinates with a few of his friends and they are able to accompany him to the game. Michael continues to use the application as a source for learning about campus events and becomes more involved in his university community.

Scenario 8

Linked to: Requirement 8

Title: Aesthetic Customization

Description: Realizing the benefit of using the App to properly allocate his time, Michael decides to customize the Time Tracker App to more accurately reflect his personality and the courses and events that he is participating in. Using the features available on the app Michael begins to change some of the colors on the courses he is taking to reflect his feelings toward the course. For his upcoming mid-terms Micael places pictures on the events to display how nervous or confident he is about the upcoming exam and for the social gatherings after the test, he has assigned them a positive picture. When time permits, Michael continues to customize the App to reflect his feelings on how his courses are going.

Scenario 9

Linked to: Requirement 9

Title: Ability to prevent overlapping Events

Descripton: In the middle of the semester the UVic Psychology department is hosting a set of nightly meetings to promote upcoming career opportunities for students who are interested in gaining valuable work experience. Although the events produce no immediate benefit Rachel realizes the importance of networking and applying to career opportunities that excites her. Unfortunately, due to her busy schedule, Rachel either has work or school work occurring at the same time as the nightly meetings. To incorporate some of the meetings, when adding them to her schedule, Rachel is given the option of either dropping one event for another, or combining the events and receiving notifications for both. By using the App Rachel is able to effectively allocate her time by attending the meetings that are the most interesting to her.