Scenario 4

Linked to: Requirement 4

Title: Summarization Graph

Description: Michael realizes that in order to obtain a co-op he needs to begin focusing on applying for jobs, and enhancing his resume by working on personal projects, and participating in coding clubs. To ensure that he is making progress towards attaining a co-op Michael decides it is best to set himself goals in which he can measure his progress against, by using a Time Tracker App. If he fails to reach a specific amount of time spent on a task, Michael needs to figure out a time that he could make up for the work, or risk not being able to obtain a co-op in the next semester. Using the summarization graph feature in the Time Tracker App, Michael is able to review and successfully manage the amount of time he dedicates to his tasks.

Scenario 5

Linked to: Requirement 5

Title: Scheduled Event Reminders

Description: Swamped with work and school. Rachel has decided to start skipping some classes to catch up on rest and study on her own, but during this time she did not receive any in-class notifications of the pending due dates from her course website or her preferred email. WIth no time to extensively manage a calendar on her own, Rachel needs a system that will automatically keep track of due dates on assignments to ensure their completion. Using the event reminders on the Time Tracker, Rachel inserts assignment due dates into her calendar and receives notifications of upcoming due dates according to the notification schedule she has decided on.

Scenario 6

Linked to: Requirement 6

Title: Class Mode: Muted Notifications

Descripton: With multiple assignments to complete and exams to study for, Rachel spends a considerable amount of time in the library. While she needs to use her cell phone to communicate with her fellow students, she does not want audible distraction preventing her and those around her from focusing. Planning for this, Rachel switches her Time Tracker app to "class mode", muting it's notifications. Rachel's phone still receives these notifications silently so she sees necessary reminders when she checks her phone. With this setup, Rachel is able to study and complete her assignments without interruption.