Scenario 1

Linked to: Requirement 1

Title: Consistent/Permanent User Input (school/work/sleep/workout schedules)

Description: Juggling six courses and part time work, Rachel finds organization and setting aside time to complete other tasks particularly challenging. By loading her course, work, and sleep schedules onto the Time Tracker app, she is able to efficiently check which times she has or does not have free to schedule. This organization allows Rachel to stay on top of her responsibilities and plan for punctuality. When she needs to plan extra time to work on an assignment or see a friend, she can quickly check when she has some available. Should Rachel's work ask her to change her shifts slightly, she is able to make the respective adjustments in the Time Tracker application as well. Rachel finds she frequently revisits the application to manage her time and priorities.

Scenario 2

Linked to: Requirement 2

Title: Inconsistent Events (Specific)

Description: After feeling that his week would be relatively easy, Michael comes to the realization that not only is his course project due this week, but he also has two midterms to study for. Realizing that he has been procrastinating due to the lighter school workload, Michael realizes that it is time to set himself a schedule and goals to ensure that he provides himself with adequate time to complete assignments and study for tests. Using the Time Tracker application, Michael designates a sufficient amount of time in his schedule to study for his midterms and to complete his course project before it's due date.

Scenario 3

Linked to: Requirement 3

Title: Calendar View Setup

Descripton: Rachel finds that with her hectic and detailed schedule, she feels overwhelmed with the task of organizing and allocating her time. To better manage this, she wishes to break down her schedule so that she is able to focus only on the current tasks at hand. Using the application's calendar view to plan ahead for future events, Rachel often chooses to view her schedule in it’s daily view. This enables her to see her tasks for just that day in addition to seeing them in more detail, allowing her to prioritize her tasks in a clear and logical order. Rachel finds that planning for her responsibilities one at a time is much less daunting and feels less stress as a result.