Rachel Smith

Busy (6 courses, part-time work)

Major: Psychology

Time Commitments: School, Work and Socializing

Experience with mobile apps: Rachel frequently uses the apps on her phone for socializing and entertainment, but she doesn't want to spend much time learning new apps, and wants much of the process to be automated to avoid any possible headaches.

Technical Experience: Primarily uses her electronic devices for school work and socializing. Has no interest exploring software devices to learn what additional features are available outside of the main functionality.

Purpose of using the app: To make sure that she doesn't miss any assignments, classes, or work shifts and to be notified of impending due dates. Rachel doesn't find much purpose in the graphs that demonstrate how she has recently spent her time, instead she chooses to focus her time on trying to find a way to get through her hectic semester.

Interaction with the app: Rachel wants her schedule to be automatically set for her so that she does not have to take time out of her day to create the schedule. When new events occur she wants them to be quickly added to her schedule and to be notified when they are approaching. Rachel wants the app to notify her on immediate due dates and allow her to quickly set the priority on events so that she can most effectively allocate her time. When new events are posted from either her courses, UVic, work or friends, Rachel wants to be able to confirm an event and have the event automatically added to her schedule.