Michael Roberts

Not Busy (3 courses, lots of free time)

Major: Computer Science

Time Commitments: School and Socializing

Experience with mobile apps: Michael wants to be able to customize and utilize the app in a way that is most beneficial to him. He is willing to sit down with the app and customize the schedule and settings to make the app more personal.

Technical Experience: Michael has experience working with varying programs and apps, and a basic understanding of how they work. He doesn't get frustrated when something doesn't immediately work, instead choosing to spend his time resolving problems.

Purpose of using the app: To help Michael set goals for himself so that he is using his time effectively instead of procrastinating away his free time that resulted from only taking three courses. Michael also wants to use the graph functionality of the app to measure the amount of time that he has spent on a particular task over a given time span.

Interaction with the app: Michael has more time to customize the settings of the app, so he is more flexible with his scheduling. He has time to manually insert events that he would like to take part in, and wants the app to calculate the amount of time that he is spending on each task, in particular, he wants to know how much time he has spent doing a specific task, and how much more time he should spend to reach his monthly or weekly goals. Depending on his schedule Michael wants the flexibility to easily rearrange his schedule.