Usability Goals

  1. Effectiveness - Having a schedule is useless unless it is updated consistently and the schedule is actually checked for upcoming events by the user. The Time Tracker App allows for events and student schedules to quickly be integrated into a user's calendar and give notifications of upcoming events.

  2. Efficiency - Automatically integrate UVic course schedules, accept or RSVP event requests sent by the university, or by fellow University students. Send event information to friends and colleagues and have them reserve their place.

  3. Safety - All event details and user information is considered to be personal of the user and is treated as private. This means that all data entered into the Time Tracker application is strictly confidential.

  4. Utility - In the event that the user has events conflicting at the same time, the user can decide how they would like to resolve the problem. When inserting an event into the App the user would be notified if there is a time conflict, where they would be asked how they would like to resolve the conflict (ex. Selecting one event over the other, or potential combining events).

  5. Learnability - Easy to learn, drag and drop events, simple accept and decline. Add events by clicking on a timeslot on a particular day of a schedule, then type in the name and content of the event, along with any other information pertaining to the event. Course schedules are automatically added to the user’s calendar similar to UVic Mypage.

  6. Memorability - After a semester away from school, whether it be a co-op or summer vacation, users should have their schedules automatically incorporate their new semester schedules.

User Experience Goals

  1. Satisfying -Having a centralized place for all student events reduces the chance of missing an event. Currently promoting events is often done through various web services, whiteboards or chalkboards around campus, handouts, and guest speakers at the beginning of class, but there is no centralized way of promoting events. Centralizing all events to one place ensures that people will be able to find information about the event while also ensuring users receive notifications of the events that they are interested in.

  2. Helpful - Time Tracker offers a centralized place to stay on top of university events, as well as incorporating personal schedules. The app may be used to coordinate with group members on meeting times.

  3. Motivating - The application is used to set goals for an individual. Utilizing the customizability of the schedule along with the periodic time usage stats, it allows users to properly assess their progress.

  4. Emotionally fulfilling - Managing student life can be difficult. The purpose of the App is to provide a more fulfilling and enjoyable post-secondary experience that is a proper balance of school, work and socializing.