Scenario for User Requirements

Scenario 1

The program must allow new appointments to be easily created, moved and deleted.

Jenny usually fills in her daily schedule while she is on the bus to the office. App’s interface is simple and intuitive enough to allow her to create tasks even in such a stressful environment as the moving bus full of people. Many fields are set to suitable default values which speeds up the process. When Jenny gets a call from her client asking to move their appointment to another day she simply edits the existing appointment in the app which saves her a lot of time. Sometimes Jenny feels like she should not have added some tasks to her schedule. She deletes them; the app does not let her delete a task erroneously and always asks for confirmation.

Scenario 2

The program must correctly import and integrate the user’s external academic schedule.

Jim has just started his first year at UVic and he also started using Time Tracker. Since the app is synced with UVic’s scheduling system he gets all the updates in the schedule directly in his app; he only had to log in with his student credentials once and the app downloaded the schedule on his phone. Before he synced the app with UVic’s servers Jim tested it out by adding a task on a random day and forgot about it; he was pleasantly surprised when after synchronization the app informed him that there was a conflict in the schedule and offered him to move the custom task he created.

Scenario 3

The program must display past activity category data correctly.

Mary is keen on analyzing her progress by reviewing her past activities. Time Tracker allows her to select a single date or a range of dates for analysis and displays the activities for the selected period of time. Mary really enjoys the visual representation of this analysis because she has a creative personality. While looking at the list of activities on a certain day in the past she often remembers that some things in the schedule for that day either did not happen or took longer than she expected, or that he forgot to include something important; she is able to delete, create, or edit the events in order to make the analysis more accurate.

Scenario 4

The program must provide reasonable defaults where applicable, and sanity-check inputs.

Alice always found organizer apps kind of cumbersome because they require a user to fill out so many fields in order to create an event in the calendar; since she is mostly on the move Alice finds it difficult to concentrate on using these apps. When she started using Time Tracker she could not believe her eyes because once she chose the type of activity to add to the schedule, for example, academic, most of the fields, such as time and place were filled out automatically. After all, who would want to do any academic activity at 3 AM in the morning, so the app might as well pick a suitable time by itself and save the user some effort. Another feature Alice finds to be very useful is that the inputs are designed in such a way that they are impossible to get wrong; for example, she does not need to type in time and date, the app has a selector that looks like a clock instead of text input.

Scenario 5

The program must be usable with no training by a novice computer user.

There are some people who are really not into technology, like Amy. She had a friend help her install Time Tracker on the phone but, surprisingly enough for everyone, including herself, after launching the app Amy did not feel lost or frustrated because it had an easy interface and even offered a visual tour of the basic features and controls. She still occasionally forgets to fill out a field when creating new events but the app always reminds her of it; it also runs smoothly on her old smartphone.

Scenario 6

Program must remain responsive and usable during periods of network unavailability.

Ethan’s phone is acting strange lately: he noticed that it sometimes loses coverage completely which leaves him without Internet access for a few minutes. During one of such blackouts Ethan was editing an event in his calendar and he was worried whether or not the app would sync his edit with the server because the connection was lost in the midst of the editing process. He was relieved when the app displayed a pop-up message informing him that all the changes he made will be saved locally and synchronized once the connection is up again.