Hierarchical Task Analysis

HTA for Scenario 1

Creation of a new event:

1. Select the date.

2. Specify the data for the new event.

 2.1 Select the starting time.

 2.2 Select the duration.

 2.3 Name the event (default may be provided).

 2.4 Enter address if necessary.

 2.5 Enter notes if necessary.

 2.6 Choose the category of event.

  2.6.1 Select a pre-existing category or

  2.6.2 Create a new category. Name the new category.

 2.7 If edits are required:

  2.7.1 Select the item to be edited.

  2.7.2 Replace the data with new data.

 2.8 Select single event or recurring (single is default).

 2.9 Confirm or cancel the creation of the new event.

Moving an event:

1. Drag the event to the new location on the schedule


1. Select the event to be moved.

2. Change the start time for the event.

 2.1 Select the start time.

 2.2 Edit the start time.

3. Confirm the changes.

Editing an event:

1. Select the event to be edited.

2. Edit the information desired.

 2.1 Select the item to be edited.

 2.2 Edit the information.

3. Confirm the changes.

Deleting an event:

1. Select the event to be deleted.

2. Indicate that the event is to be deleted.

3. Confirm the deletion.

 3.1 If the event is recurring, confirm deletion of single event vs all instances.

HTA for Scenario 2

Importation of UVic Schedule Events:

1. Select importation of external data.

2. Select UVic Academic Schedule.

3. Enter credentials if necessary

 3.1 Provide username

 3.2 Provide password

4. Retrieve UVic academic events

 4.1 Log in to UVic IT services

  4.1.1 Error message if necessary

  4.1.2 Retrieve event data with progress indicator

5. Show imported event data

6. Handle conflicts

 6.1 Indicate conflicts

 6.2 Resolve each conflict

  6.2.1 Select the event to be edited.

  6.2.2 Edit the information desired. Select the item to be edited. Edit the information.

  6.2.3 Confirm the changes.

Deleting all UVic academic events:

1. Choose to delete all academic events.

2. Confirm the changes.

HTA for Scenario 3

1. Access the previous dates on app or desktop

 1.1 Select date on calendar

2. View well-represented data

 2.1 Delete unimportant data

3. View wrongly represented data

 3.1 Select misrepresented data and delete or edit

 3.2 Enter new data that may have been missed

 3.3 Save edited, deleted or new data

 3.4 Return to main calendar

HTA for Scenario 4

Creating an event in the calendar

1. Log in to time tracker

2. Choose type of activity

 2.1 Select academic activity

 2.2 Select the nature of academic activity

 2.3 Confirm the activity

 2.4 Confirm the date and time of activity

 2.5 Select a different date or time if the default is inappropriate

 2.6 Save the new date and time

 2.7 Edit place or confirm the default place given

3. Save the event

4. Proceed to the next activity or save and exit

HTA for Scenario 5

Creating new events on time tracker

1. Launch time tracker

2. Take a tour of the basic features on the app

3. Take a tour of the basic controls

4. Access the new events link

5. Fill in the required fields

6. Save the events filled

 6.1 If some fields are not filled, an error is given

 6.2 Fill in the fields that had been left out

 6.3 Save the events

 6.4 Confirm the new events to be saved and proceed.

 6.5 Repeat the process to create more events

 6.6 If more events are not required, you can exit the app.

HTA for Scenario 6

Editing a calendar event

1. Access the calendar on the phone

2. Edit the events

3. Save the events on the calendar

4. If the network is lost in the process, an error message pops out

5. The message asks you to save the events locally

6. Confirm saving of the event locally

7. When network resumes

 7.1 Access the saved events

 7.2 Save the event to the network

8. Proceed to create other events that had not been created

9. Save the events on the calendar