SSHRC Insight Support Material


Music Intelligence and Sound Technology Interdisciplinary Collective

This page contains supporting material for the SSHRC Insight grant application entitled "Creation and development of effective interactive public art installations"

  1. 8:66 for Trimpin / Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC 2012

This piece is an example of novel ways of controlling Trimpin's installation CanonX + 4:33=100 at the Open Space gallery. Each performer in the concert found a completely unique and individual way to perform the sculpture.

  1. Bodywaves / Japan Society, New York, 2007

This piece, an interactive sound and fiber-optic light sculpture, created in collaboration with Nobuho Nagasawa and Dale Stammen uses the person's body as a user interface. At the Japan Center in New York, it was one of the most popular installations in an exhibition called Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York, due to the simplicity of the interface and the integration of sensory experience. Bodywaves was remounted in a group exhibition at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC from December-March 2012, called "The Value of Water: Sustaining a Green Planet."

  1. Brush with Illumination

This piece, a collaboration (in which Schloss did the sound) with Buster Simpson, is a permanent piece of site-specific public art in False Creek, Vancouver. The sound component is created by sonification of tidal data over many months (sped up by a factor of several million). In this case, the audience can see and hear the computer-generated sound and image while on-site, via a streaming system that sends the media to any smartphone or computer, continuously updated from data transmitted from the sculpture 24/7.