Normalized Cuts for Singing Voice Separation and Melody Extraction
(M. Lagrange, L. G. Martins, J. Murdoch, G. Tzanetakis) - TSALP07

Data Sets and
Audio Results
H.W.P.S. Measure
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Data Sets and Audio Results

These audio files are made available here to facilitate understanding of this publication for research purposes. Most of them are copyrighted, and copyright and all related rights are retained by the respective copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints involved by such copyright. The audio test set and synthesized results are available for download below.

All the separated files were extracted without using any prior knowledge of the sound sources and using the same set of parameters for the algorithm in all cases.

Voice separation on a well known live track:
U2 - Helter Skelter .wav

Representative Originals Representative Results

Vilot - Bent out of Shape (Ground Truth).wav Vilot - Bent out of Shape (Extracted).wav
Vilot - Bent out of Shape (with Music).wav

Vilot - Into the Unknown (Ground Truth).wav Vilot - Into the Unknown (Extracted).wav
Vilot - Into the Unknown (with Music).wav

Vilot - Schizosonic (Ground Truth).wav Vilot - Schizosonic (Extracted).wav
Vilot - Schizosonic (with Music).wav

Morenn - Chavalier Bran (Ground Truth).wav Morenn - Chavalier Bran (Extracted).wav
Morenn - Chavalier Bran (with Music).wav

Morenn - Le Pub (Ground Truth).wav Morenn - La Pub (Extracted).wav
Morenn - La Pub (with Music).wav

MIREX Originals MIREX Results

daisy1 .wav daisy1 (Extracted).wav

daisy2 .wav daisy2 (Extracted).wav

daisy3 .wav daisy3 (Extracted).wav

daisy4 .wav daisy4 (Extracted).wav

jazz1 .wav jazz1 (Extracted).wav

jazz2 .wav jazz2 (Extracted).wav

jazz3 .wav jazz3 (Extracted).wav

jazz4 .wav jazz4 (Extracted).wav

midi1 .wav midi1 (Extracted).wav

midi2 .wav midi2 (Extracted).wav

midi3 .wav midi3 (Extracted).wav

midi4 .wav midi4 (Extracted).wav

pop1 .wav pop1 (Extracted).wav

pop2 .wav pop2 (Extracted).wav

pop3 .wav pop3 (Extracted).wav

pop4 .wav pop4 (Extracted).wav

opera_fem2 .wav opera_fem2 (Extracted).wav

opera_fem4 .wav opera_fem4 (Extracted).wav

opera_male3 .wav opera_male3 (Extracted).wav

opera_male5 .wav opera_male5 (Extracted).wav

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